What is Energy Tapping and How Can it Help You 

A simple explanation is that thoughts and feelings are invisible energy and one does not exist without the other because thoughts create feelings and feelings creat thoughts and both thoughts and feelings comunicate throught channels called meridians, invisible pathways discovered and mapped by the ancient chinese.

Than they began to use to treat people for illnesses with needles, it was these needles that were used to stimulate various key points along the meridian channels brining about relief and healing.

Then moving along into modern times it was discoverd that these same meridian channels carried messages to and from the body and that by tapping on them lightly we could have a positive effect on what we were thinking and feeling. 

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FAQs About Energy Tapping

Is Energy Tapping just working with Energy Like healing 

Energy tapping therapy shares constructs and strategies with cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT) such as exposure, desensitisation, and cognitive reframing.

NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming by using the five senses to communicate understand and change unconscious processes

Hypnosis by revivifying past traumatic memories in a cnversational way.

Procedurally it is very similar to EMDR (Eye movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), a therapy also developed within a cognitive-behavioural framework.

Energy Tapping incorporates aspects of acupressure, somatic awareness, talk therapy and modern psycho-therapeutic tools like NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). The eye movements in the 9-Gamut procedure are similar to those used in EMDR.

Energy Tapping also includes statements on self-acceptance – in therapy, the way we talk to ourselves is one of the most important tools in changing thought and behaviour patterns. By stating out loud where we are at in the moment, Energy Tapping helps to acknowledge the problem before finding a solution, opening a path to self-understanding, critical to progress in therapy.

Is Energy Tapping Safe 

It is completely safe and there are no known negative side effects.

Is Energy Tapping just a distracting Technique like a pattern disrupt 

Distraction is “a thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else”. Energy Tapping requires a complete focus on the problem or issue throughout the session. The actual words of the client’s presenting problem are used during the process and reminder phrases are also used to keep a focus on the specific issue.

Why do we use affirmations 

Affirmations can help us focus on the positive changes we want but can also address the unconscious negative beliefs we hold because when we say something postive about ourselves we normaly feel the resistance in our body and it is this resistance the tapping calms .

Why Does Tapping help 

Tapping on specific meridian points on the body induces a relaxation response.

The tapping points used in Energy tapping have a lowered electrical resistance to conductivity and have a high proportion of mechanoreceptors. These are specialised receptors that respond to mechanical stimuli such as tapping, massaging or holding. Stimulating these points is found to send electrochemical impulses to areas of the brain that govern fear and the stress response (as demonstrated in (MRI studies). The impulses reduce the stress response in these limbic and cortical regions, allowing for calm and coherent emotional responses.


How Did Energy Tapping Start

Emotional Freedom Technique was created by Gary Craig after studying TFT

 (Thought Field therapy) with Roger Callahan, Roger a psychologist who became interested in acupuncture and how it affected the energy system in the body discovered that by tuning into emotional issues while tapping on the ends of certain meridians of the bodies energy system balance could be restored and emotional upset relieved or eliminated. Callahan had various sequences of energy meridians that he had devised through muscle testing (a technique that gives yes no answers from the subconscious by pressing down on a out stretched arm receiving the answers with a weak or strong resistance)  that only needed to be tapped on for relief to be had. Gary Craig created EFT by using all of the energy meridian points that Callahan was using a total of thirteen and called this the basic recipe, over the years this has changed as it was found that some points could be eliminated making it to be a more elegant and forgiving technique as missing a point sometimes would give the same result.

Above is a very brief introduction to how EFT was created, this book was not written to rewrite what so many others have written. It has been written to offer relief too many day to day emotional problems, based on my own personal experience of working one to one with clients.

To use this book just simply read the instructions practice using the technique with the breathing exercise then select what issue you wish to work on KISS (keep it simple stupid) if  you have a problem or emotional issue not listed in the contents (Bring bad feelings to zero) is a fit all session.

What is Energy Tapping & Basics Steps

So what is EFT

Emotional Freedom Technique...... EFT is a gentle tapping technique..... Where you tap on specific points on the body..... While you tune into an issue that has being causing a disturbance in the bodies energy system ...... this disturbance is called negative emotions.... Negative meaning something uncomfortable and emotion meaning energy in motion ....... so by tapping these points that are derived from the ancient art of Acupuncture and acupressure.....while tuned into a past emotional issue balance in the energy system can be restored bringing with it relief from physical and psychological problems .

The Exercises and Sessions may seem simple with errors in Grammar, but you are communicating with your unconscious / subconscious mind and the language of this part of your mind is very literal and processes information differently than you do rationally with your conscious thinking. There are elements of Hypnotic language, EFT, and NLP intertwined in this work just like a personal therapy session, so it is not necessary to understand how it works just that it works. Not many people know how electricity lights a light bulb they just accept and enjoy the response the bulb gets from the electricity.

You are the most important person in your life and the more positive changes you gain will reflect like a bright light many times on those you care for I have seen this so many times , because if you do the same old thing you will get the same result .

Make a little time to practice this regularly and watch your life change around you, practice doing these exercises like you would regularly take prescribed medication by your GP, like the medication when you take the prescribed dosage for the time prescribed you get a positive change. Do the same with these exercises once a day for 28 days and let me know all the positive results you have had


So let us begin with the tapping points ...... the first point is called the Karate chop point and it is located on the side of either hand where the little finger is.... and just as it is called it is the fleshy side of the hand used in Karate.

Now what I would like you to do is begin tapping this point with the index and Middle finger of the opposite hand..... you may use either hand there is no wrong way to do this as it is a very forgiving technique ...tap this point at least seven times and each of the following other points

The next point is the eyebrow point and this is located on the inside edge of the eyebrow close to the bridge of the nose again either side will do whatever feel right or comfortable for you tapping this point with index and fore finger seven times

The next point is the side of the eye this point is located on the bone on the outside edge of the eye socket ....tapping this point again with the same two fingers seven times

Next point is under the eye again this is on the bone on the underside of the eye socket

Tapping again seven times with the same two fingers.

Next we have under the nose this point is under the nose between the nose and top lip again tapping here seven times

Now moving on to the chin point this is located in the dip between the lower lip and the chin tap here seven times also

The next point is the collar bone point to find this point run your finger from your chin down your neck to about where a man ties a neck tie and you will notice a vee where both collar bones meet now from the center of this vee run your finger up either side until you notice where the bone angles off towards either shoulder and it is at the tip of the bone where it angles off on either side this is where to tap this is what we call the collar bone point .... Tap here seven times.

Next I would like you to pat under your arm on either side with the palm of your hand along the line where a ladies bra strap would be ... pat here seven times this is called the under arm point.

The last point is located on top of the head around where a girl would have a hair band cross her head pat here with the palm of your hand seven times.

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